Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Dream traversal to a woodland

Traveling is a lifetime investment which you can reuse to recharge your soul. The frames which have been recorded in the heart will never fade away with time! Wandering into the wild is the best thing one can do, the shades of darkness which may call you back to a moment where the earth was woodland with no colors of artificiality. 

Nature has its own way to reserve its serenity from the human touch. Just assume you're going back to your being, the ultimate state which you belongs and there you may find no difference with the names, forms, particles, and even shadows. 

Forget the world outside for a while, especially when you're in a voyage of origin and evolution. Look at the tip of every leaf you may cross, and feel the gentle breeze which you will never get in your polluted city. Just be into that moment, and transform the core of yourself to nature and feel the essence of life....the secret of life.