The Holy Weapon

8:01:00 PM

Have you ever heard the songs of crucified dreams?
Could you imagine the cold war in a closed room
Have you ever seen the celebrated holy blood?
Look at the brides of Christ; the melting eyes

The warrior of light; but a versatile man
The one who created his own path
The one who thought and taught
But a man with blood and flesh

He taught them to dream of freedom
And he revealed the secret of love
He was a bird of passage!
And he cleansed the polluted mind

He was the gateway of knowledge
And he disclosed it for all
For the streetwalkers and orphans
For the scattered and blinds

He looked at her soul and loved
It was pure and divine
And he redefined the meaning of "sin"
But they were ignorant, and still they're

The essence of his words are still unspoken
And light of love he brought has gone from hearts
But still they are praying; and teaching others
Without knowing the truth, that lies within their souls

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