Heal yourself and close the voids

5:51:00 PM

When we’re hurting, it’s not uncommon to look for ways to fill the void.
The void is made up of the empty, lonely feelings that stem from holes in our heart and soul. Sometimes these holes are fresh wounds like a breakup, death in the family, or losing our job. Sometimes they stem from something much deeper, like a lack of connection with family growing up, a childhood trauma, or hurt caused by someone in our past.
When we lose someone or something in our life, most of us jump right into distractions. We start seeing new people, working on every single thing that needs to be done around the house, picking up more hours at work or packing our schedule full of things to do. We do all of this instead of feeling what we feel.
This is called stuffing.
When you lose something or someone, all of the wounds, emptiness, pain and hurt are exposed. As much as it hurts, the void should not be feared. The void is where miracles, strength and change are born.
The truth is that anytime you try to distract yourself from your own inner feelings, most probably you’re avoiding the fact that you’re not whole. Something is missing, damaged or broken, and until you face it, no person or thing will ever make you feel complete.

When you take the time to really feel and experience the uncomfortable space that is the void, you begin to see things clearly.
Maybe it’s not that you need that specific person in your life to talk with... It’s that you need to be heard.
Were you once expressive in another form that you’ve since lost? Painting, music, poetry or something else? You might have used this person or thing  to fill the void. But they could never fill it because whether or not they listened to you, still weren’t able to feel heard on a more fundamental level. And when they left? You thought you missed talking to them, when really, you’re still missing that greater thing. Not them.

Some times you're afraid to face the world alone...or you might have felt that, you're incomplete without that something or someone you've lost....It can be an emotion too which is always holding you back from interacting or being close with others.
 You’re feeling vulnerable and unsure of yourself. the measures you're taking to protect yourself would not help you always because most of them are like shadows. Whatever it is, it can be your favorite song, or place you love to visit, a person whom you like to spend time but none of these things can really heal the wound inside your mind. Face it....and face gain that will be the only way to recover from any grief. Some times you may find people who might have crossed far difficult situations than yours.
The only way to be happy, healthy and whole is to face and deal with the voids you carry in your heart and soul. If something is missing, broken or empty inside of you, there is no person or thing that will fill it. Only you can heal yourself and close the voids.
Don't ever hide away and stop stuffing, shielding and avoiding.
It’s worth every heart-wrenching moment. Every humans must face those kind of situations.
Because when you heal the hurts and fill the voids with your own love, light and self, you become whole again. When you’re whole, you feel a sense of joy and fulfillment that no outside person or thing can replicate. These outside circumstances will simply heighten the feelings you’re already experiencing.
Take action now!
Get honest with yourself... What are you hiding from? What void exists in your heart and soul and how are you stuffing it? What scares you about facing this part of yourself? If you’re ready to heal and grow, remove whatever you’re using to stuff and distract. Sit with it and really allow yourself to feel and explore the void.

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