The eyes of an illusionist

8:30:00 PM

Dear rootless wanderer,
 I found two magical islands in your eyes!
 Those are bright and sharp, but acting as a magnet
I've never seen an ocean like this, in the eyes of a Man!

Oh! my beloved, the lord of music
I know you're still searching for what you left behind
And you forgot me,the humiliated river Yamuna!

You've lost yourself in a bamboo flute
But its destined for you to be here
To regain your soul, and yourself

It's amazing to see you as a child
But I know you well, the illusionist!
I will always look into your mystical eyes
To fill myself with the joy of wisdom

I wonder why you're here as an admirer!
And acting like an ignorant, to test me again?
But I love the tales you play here, in the darkest age
I was waiting for decades to see this smile

Let me remind you the fallen leaves of  Dwapara yuga
The tears I brought for you from a mythical drama
The moment you saved me forever from the king of poison
Let me see the flashes of an unwritten age in your eyes!

Explore yourself and see the darkest fringes of this world
Dance over the malicious snakes of inhumanity
And rise the mountain of virtue and knowledge
To stop this world to fight and destroy

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