Open your Eyes!

12:02:00 PM

      Pebbles are blessed with a dormant shore of life, and it holds the key of wisdom to be immortal in this mortal world. She found the flames of vitality on them, and used colors to establish the possibility of an inorganic matter. Each pieces of work represents different shades of life, and the emotions. Her perceptions and intuitions illuminated to form an art, and it worked well as a symbol of harmony in a dormant pebble.

                      In this world of electronics, where humans tends to be a machine, this is an attempt to being alive and covey the message of life because there is a possibility to brings life from an inorganic pebble so we humans have an everlasting freedom to find the vibrating harmony within ourselves.

Every one is blessed with in born talents, once you look into yourself and think about your possibilities, you may found another innovative path of life where you will get satisfaction, peace and wisdom. The above pictures are the art works of my friend, and she found her possibilities in a dormant pebbles. Similarly all of us have another world where we can establish our self, and no one else can do it for your self. So, Open your Eyes!

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