5 Incredible Benefits of Breathing Exercise(Pranayama)

4:48:00 PM

   Pranayama is an ancient method of controlling the breath, which is originated in India. It is the part of Yoga sastra ( the science of Yoga), Patanjali is the father of Yoga. According to Yoga sutra, “Prana” or “Vital energy” is the center and source of life,health, happiness, and satisfaction. The benefits of breathing exercise are the following,

1.The curer of all ailments
  Pranayama or Breathing exercise is considered as the curer of all ailments, because the impurities lies in the vital energy turns to be the reasons for various deceases. The ultimate way to be free from illness is to purify the vital energy or prana, and once you start practicing breathing exercise then all deceases will stay away from you.

2.Permanent release from Constipation and liver illness
Breathing exercises caused to fill the lungs to be with Vital energy , and it helps to make your stomach stronger and efficient to release toxic contents. It enables to keep your intestines moisturized and which results the recovery from constipation.

3.Relief from depression and mental stress
Nowadays most of the people are struggled with panic depression and other tension related illnesses derived from the fastest life style and lack of relaxation. Many of us are involved in careers which produces mental stress and strain. Breathing exercise is the easiest way to provide you relief from depression and mental stress, another advantage is that you can practice it from anywhere even from the office.

4.Release from thyroid related deceases
The daily Practice of Pranayama makes your thyroid gland more powerful which enables you to protect from thyroid deceases. If thyroid gland is stronger, then sleeping disorder and other things will get resolved.

5.Clear glowing skin
Beauty is always associated with ones internal energy, no cosmetics can offer you a clear and shiny skin because most of the cosmetics are made up of toxic chemicals and it may caused killer diseases like skin cancer. Breathing exercise is the natural and simple way to increase your life force energy, which makes your face more brighter, clear and flawless.

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