Why do you want to be Successful?

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 Man is an exceptional creature who posses millions of unwritten history within the time frame of his life span, but the world is ready to accept it as a history only after he vanished from this earth forever!
Amazingly truthful to realize everyone has an interesting and unique history which is filled with secrets, joy, anxiety, cold wars and weaknesses. Normally, no one else will see the inner self image of a man which has been created by his own history, because it is the naked truth. Whatever it is, the world would always like to share the history of a successful man and no one likes to look at the life of a failed person because people are afraid to abstract stories which contains painful emotions, struggles and obstacles.
Why some people are successful while others are not, even if they are trying hard to achieve it?
The definition of success is always changing based on people, and what is valuable for them. For some persons, it is a well settled life with an excellent social status. For some others, it will be a life full of wandering and searching. In other worlds there is no proper rules to define whether a person is successful or not, but society has a set of standards to measure the capability of a person to hold a position in his circle.

    Unfortunately, people has a strong misconception about success, and society plays a major role on making this kind of fault image. For example, some people are thinking they will be successful in their life only if they have a huge bank balance or a nice car. As per this kind of fault believe, people are running after money and other materialistic benefits. End of the day, they will be tired in the rat race and come up with a conclusion as they have failed in life. According to the previous misconception, people are trying hard to achieve success and some of them would reach the goal while others are not. If you are trying hard to achieve something which is not your passion, definitely you will be failed but if you run after something which makes you happy then you are a successful man even if you failed to achieve a highest status in society.
Why you should learn about failure?
   The society and human history has publicized a virtual gateway or a passing score to be succeeded in various phases such as career, wealth, education and family life, and in order to create an impact on society as a successful person then you may have to struggle a lot. End of the day, few of us come to know that we have lost in this race. The realization of failure leads people to a sever depression and mania, some of them will escape from life. To avoid this kind of circumstances, we must have an awareness about success and failure.

         The success and failure is not something can be defined by the society but it is something you have to analyze by yourself based on your actions, thoughts and vision. No one else in this world has the right to mark you as a failed or successful person, because it is the matter of inner conflicts and dreams. We know several greatest people who were failed in life numerous times but they have realized it was not their failure but a chance to improve themselves or a time to find a new path or method. Failure is something which happens if you are unable to find yourself before you leave this world and success is the realization of who you are and what is your destiny. It is not related to wealth or other materialistic things but it is something which can brings your inner happiness and freedom.

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