Saturday, February 20, 2016

3 Books that will transform your life

1.The Alchemist:
            The Alchemist” is one of the bestseller in history, and it is one of my favorite book. Alchemist is a well structured novel by the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. Few years ago, I heard about this book from one of my friend but he didn't tell anything about this book and suggested me to read and feel the magic.

              Alchemist is a book of journey, and the journey deals with the concepts of human destiny with the boundary of mysticism. Once you start reading it, you will not get bored because each page of this book has been filled with adventure, truth, philosophy, fantasy and dream. I could relate the story of Santiyago, with mine because I was also with him during his journey to find himself. Yes! Here the magic starts, Coelho is guiding all the readers to the depth of themselves. The Novel starts with a dream and ending with the realization about his dream, here the author will make you think about the meaning of your dreams and how it is related to your life and goal. If you ever asked a question like “Who am I?” to yourself, then this book is very much suitable for you. In addition, Paulo shares different rooms of thoughts regarding the existence of human and the universe, the language of heart, love, success, failure. The alchemist is a wonderful book for those who think and dream.  


        Siddartha” is an amazing novel by Herman Hesse, another book excited me with the richness of thoughts. Siddartha is a different approach which is trying to blend ancient Indian philosophy with western thought of life. The novel is going through four principles of Indian philosophy, those are “Dharma” which means the eternal law of cosmos, inherent in the very nature of things, “Artha” it is deals with actions of a man to earn materialistic benefits including money to lead a successful life, “Kaama” direct meaning of this word is “want or desire” to achieve things or feel something based on any materialistic things, “Moksha” it is the highest state where a person can attain satisfaction and true enlightenment. The leading character of the novel is a brahmin boy named Sidhartha who is living at the time of Gautama Buddha, and he is finding his own way to reach the ultimate wisdom where his friend Govinda is following a spiritual teacher. Finally Siddartha is finding himself at the same time he found his friend Govinda as he is still in search. Siddhartha conveys a unique message about self discovery. It is a book everyone should read at least once in their life, especially those who are involved in self discovery.

3.Freedom from the known:

Freedom from the known” is a book by Jiddu Krishnamurti. If you have ever thought about the real knowledge, then you should read this book once in your life time. When you go through the pages of this book, you will start learning the art of discarding the past and all ideologies because you are an individual, a fresh piece of intelligence who can go beyond knowledge of past. Unfortunately knowledge itself is a term derived from past, if you learn something from a teacher or a book then those knowledge is past, because your teacher learned someone's thoughts. The real knowledge is the most pure and fresh, and you can learn it from you because you are the present. These are some piece of examples to introduce this book. Once you start reading it, your concept about this world, society, religion and all ideologies will change and you will start to observe yourself rather than following others.