A sibling

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 Siblings are the most precious gift one can achieve in this world. Most of us may not realize it until we loss them forever. We humans think we are the most powerful and we can make anything happen, it is true actually except death. No one can save you or your dear one from that unexpected event. On 28th of august 2013, death arrived silently and stolen my brother in the form a killer disease. He was the only one sibling I got in this life, and it happened so fast. We didn’t get enough time to save him, everything finished like a predefined task of an unknown God. The void remained in our family, and it still remaining.  I just want to write about him, it’s his birthday today. He was 5 years elder than me. We will identify the greatness of a person only after his or her death. This is what happening in this world. I realized what he left for me and my life with his deadly absence.

            Family relation is the strongest bond in India, especially in villages. As Mahatma Gandhi said, India is living in its villages. If you want see the affection in between family members, you should go to villages in eastern or southern part of India. You may feel it is undeveloped without metro rail or great quality road, but you will definitely find innocent love in the eyes of village people. I can proudly say that I was born and live in a village situated in southern part of India, and it was very nostalgic place where my childhood memories are alive.

            In my memories, I was an arrogant girl who does not care about anything and the one who would like to do whatever she likes. On the other hand, my brother was a distinct character exactly opposite of mine. He respected everybody both youngsters and elders. When I was 5 years old, he was in the age of 10 but I felt him like a very old and mature person because he already started taking responsibilities like going market and buying things for home. All these things were very big and unmanageable in my thoughts. He was responsible for holding my bag after school time, and I played and walked slowly with my friends. At that time, I thought all brothers should be responsible for holding sisters bag and take her from school. Most of my friends were jealous of me, because they don't have a brother like mine. At home, things were different he always had a fight with me, and irritated me for no reason. I was not big enough to think it is a form of expressing love, but I realized it now. When he leaves home for playing cricket during evening times, I found my Mother very much tensed and she will start calling back him in 30 minutes. She was  angry on him whenever he coming late from playground. I thought she had more space for him heart than me. But end of the day we will play chess at night and he will say beautiful stories to make me asleep.

            Still I know he was the one who lighten the lamp my eagerness to know and search for knowledge. I couldn't find him as studying books, even a newspaper but whatever we ask he will have an answer. I felt wonder about this talent even after we grown up, still it was with him. 

             He disappeared from this world two years back, but still I feel like he is here with me and my family.   Anyway I just want to tell you one thing, please don't wait for the right time to express your love to your family. If you love your parents, siblings or spouse, don't be hesitated to tell that you really  love them  because time will not wait for anything. 

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  1. ജീവിതത്തിന്റെ വഴിത്താരകളിൽ നിന്ന്
    ദൈവം എന്തെങ്കിലും തിരിച്ചെടുക്കുമ്പോൾ
    വേദനിക്കാതിരിക്കുക .............
    ഓർക്കുക ......
    ദൈവം നിന്റെ കരങ്ങൾ ശുന്യമാക്കുകായണ്
    കൂടുതൽ മനോഹരമായത് എന്തിനോ വേണ്ടി ...............!

  2. Such a touching description Vin!!! May God provide you the strength to bear the great loss :(